Pole Tents


Hendersonville Tents rents all kinds of tents for all kinds of events. If you’re in Upstate South Carolina, Western North Carolina, or eastern Tennessee, no matter how big or how small your event, we’ve got you covered!

There are two different kinds of tents: pole tents and frame tents. It may seem confusing, but there are distinct differences between them. Learn about pole tents here:


A pole tent uses one or more center poles. While these tents also have additional poles along the perimeter of the tent, it’s the center poles that set them apart.


The center poles can sometimes create an obstacle that you and your guests have to work around, but we have lots of experience decorating them and designing the flow of your event around them. For example, when we use lighting, we typically place floodlights pointed up, so the light cascades down, creating a pleasant ambiance.


A pole tent is usually the way to go for a bigger event. They require extra space to set up (often an extra five feet all the way around), but they can be the best option for an event on a budget. Our pole tents come in 30-foot and 40-foot widths, either white or striped.


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