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Tables & Chairs

To set a comfortable and inviting atmosphere, you’ll need some tables and chairs. Depending on the type of event you’re planning, however, you may not need a chair for every person. Even weddings often let guests mill around and sit only when they’re eating.


Talk to us and we can recommend the optimum number and the best combination of tables and chairs. If your event is successful, we’re successful, and we’ve been successful for 30 years.


Since there are all sorts of events, we offer all sorts of table and chair options. You can choose from:


  • 60-inch round tables: Give your guests lots of elbow room while encouraging conversation

  • 48-inch round cake tables: Perfect for smaller groups or to display the wedding cake

  • Sweetheart tables: These 36-inch-high tables seat two; they’re great for smaller groups

  • Cocktail tables: 42-inch-high tables to set down your plate and drink while mingling

  • Rectangular banquet tables: Choose from 6-foot or 8-foot lengths

  • White padded chairs: Comfortable folding chairs for all your guests … or just for you

  • Standard rental chairs: These folding chairs come in brown, black and white



If your event will last until after dark — in fact, if that’s when the party really gets started — you need lighting for the inside of your tent. Lights not only let everyone see, but they also can create the atmosphere you want. Whatever feeling you’re going for, Hendersonville Tents can deliver the lights. Spotlights, reflected light and globe lights are just a few of the many options you can choose from:


  • LED specialty lighting: Soft lights in various colors

  • Globe lights: A string of lights to create a festive atmosphere

  • Ivory globes: Five large globe lights together in a hanging chandelier

  • Antique finish globes: Like the Ivory globes, but with a more traditional look

  • Globe chandelier: A modern take on a traditional option

  • Brushed nickel flames: Not really flames, but this set of four “candles” really flickers

  • White ivy-wrapped flames: Electric flame lights in an exquisite hanging chandelier

  • Trac lights: Illuminate the stage or the dance floor!

  • Ceiling fans: Hanging overhead lights with an attached fan, just like in a living room

  • More options: We’re always adding more, so ask us if you don’t see what you want!

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