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Wedding Cake Trends

First, we want to say, “Congratulations!” Your wedding day is all about you; don’t let anyone tell you what you can or can’t do. Trends or not, choose what makes you happiest. Now, about the cake…

Wedding cake trends come and go, but some traditions about the cake survive. For example, the bride and groom feed each other the first slice to represent their mutual commitment to serve each other. Smashing the cake in each other’s faces, not so much, although many people like this practice to keep things light. Another popular tradition is to save the top layer and freeze it to eat on your first anniversary. Beyond that — wedding cake trends are wide open.

Sweetness Is a Personal Choice

A trend that’s developed lately is having a cake — as well as your dress and décor — that reflects your personalities and preferences. For example, if you are both avid hikers, a cake decorated with trails and hiking boots may be perfect. If you’re devoted to fishing, decorate your cake with rods, nets and little jelly fishes.

Cake tastings allow you to choose the flavor you two most enjoy. There is no rule for the flavors, so if you both despise vanilla, then go with strawberry, red velvet or chocolate. A flavor trend is to reflect your heritage, like pecan for a Georgian couple, peach for South Carolinians and beer batter for an Asheville couple.

Recent wedding cake trends have leaned toward cupcake towers. So if you want to build a cupcake tower, then go for it. Cupcakes never go out of style, even though the sweet little concoctions have lost the uniqueness and trendiness they once held.

2015 Hot Wedding Cake Trends

Tradition Twists

Instead of relying on the overused cupcake tower, build a wedding cake tower using:

  • Cake pops

  • Macaroons

  • Donuts

  • Mini-cakes

  • Fruit

  • Whole pies

  • Individual mini-pies

  • Rice Krispy treats

  • Cookies

  • Favorites childhood treats like Twinkies and Ho-Hos

  • Creampuffs

  • Ice cream

  • Chocolate mocha cups

  • Fruit tarts

Only your imagination and taste buds limit the kinds of towers you can build to serve as your wedding cake. In fact, your cake doesn’t even have to be a cake at all. Remember, the wedding cake trends of today are both individual and above all — unique.

Note to savers: Ask your caterer to make you a small, separate cake to freeze for next year. Or freeze your Twinkies to remember the fun you had on your big day.

Tradition Reigns

For those of you who just can’t give up the vision of a tiered cake in your favorite flavor, here are a few trendy ideas to keep it fresh, while maintaining the glamour of a traditional, albeit thoroughly modern, wedding cake:

  • Metallic icing with touches of glitter are very big in 2015 (a carry-over from a 2014 trend).

  • Naked cakes, sans icing, are showing up on the more nutrition-conscious wedding tables.

  • Tiers that tell a story are hot too. Make each tier a different color with varying decorations. For example, make one tier represent the groom’s hobbies, another more feminine, and the top tier a combination of your life together.

  • Ruffled, textured looks are very 2015! Rich butter cream frosting lends itself to a lacey or tulle look to the cake.

  • Romantic ruffles and extra-large, extravagant icing flowers are quite the thing for a luxurious look to your cake. Some of the primary drivers of wedding cake trends for 2015 fall to the pastry artists who make them.

Use your imagination to create your own style. Present it to your caterer or hire an amazing baker who prides herself in creating artful designs on her cakes. Either way, you choose. Wedding cake trends come and go, but your union is meant to last forever.

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