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Finding Your Wedding Photographer -Continued


The services you need from your wedding photographer will play a big role in helping you decide between your favorite photographers in the industry. You will want to know what each photographer offers and if their package meets your needs. Here is a list of common services offered in wedding day packages:

  1. Second shooter

  2. Photo Booth

  3. Digital download

  4. Pro Printing options

  5. Engagement session

  6. Bridal portrait session

  7. Anniversary session


If you hire a professional photographer you most definitely don't want to receive and display your pictures in a less than professional way. You will want a product that will stand the test of time without fading or disintegrating so that you can enjoy your wedding pictures now but also for years and generations to come! Wedding pictures leave a legacy (like your grandparent’s wedding pictures) and keeping them well preserved will be one thing you will never regret!! Most photographers offer high quality products for the images they captured of your special day that you will with no doubt want to take advantage of! These products include:

  • Professional prints

  • Canvases

  • Wedding album

  • Cards

  • USB or CD

  • Etc.

Think about the products you will want from your photographer.


Your wedding photographer will ultimately be with you more on your wedding day than your fiance will be so it very important that you connect beyond their work with the photographer you hire. What should a client/photographer connection look like? Well, it's different for everyone, but making sure that they make you feel comfortable, that they are trustworthy and they understand your relationship in a personal way are three key components to building a strong connection with any vendor!

Who are we?

We are a sister team (twin sisters to be specific), located in the beautiful mountains of Hendersonville, NC, with a passion and desire to capture the moments that impact people's lives the most. Memories fade over time, but we truly believe that the ones that make your life beautiful should be preserved forever. In life we all have a story to tell and photography is our way of telling it! We feel so blessed that God has given us the ability to not only do what we love as our career, but that He has allowed us to do this together! We love creating beautiful images and capturing the most joyful moments of people's lives. We are so glad you found us, and we hope you enjoy looking through our work and discovering what we are all about!

- We are twin sisters and best friends!

- We live in Hendersonville, North Carolina, but we love to travel!

- We started our business in 2011 while we were juniors in high school.

- We are not athletic but we try really hard to be! :)

- We’re slightly obsessed with monograms!

- We believe in Jesus Christ and southern values.

- Beautiful light makes us happy!

- We love creating beautiful images, but more importantly, we love serving

couples on one of the greatest days of their lives!!

Our mission

To preserve the fundamental moments of those we have the honor of capturing through photographs in hope that through careful preservation of authentically curated moments we would never let a story go untold. A generation left without a tangible heritage or the power of love lost without a documented legacy.

We commit to always keep Christ as the foundation of our business in acknowledgment of the greater purpose of this business as we glorify God through serving our clients.

We hold ourselves to the standards of quality, integrity and service as we offer our clients an experience with photographs that enriches and extends the value of the moments they share with us and forever reminds them of what makes their life so beautiful.

Our Philosophy

To never let a love story go untold as we authentically document and preserve its’ foundation with the highest quality and the greatest service to reveal a timeless testimony now and a heritage for generations to come of the legacy left by it's love.

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