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Tips for a Great Office Party

As the winter season approaches, so do the miraculous holidays that come with it. In this wonderful time of the year, you might want to partake in hosting a holiday office party to celebrate with your employees and to take a break from the hard work you’ve all accomplished during the year.

A few of the things you might consider for a successful holiday office party include:

  • The time and date of the event

  • The location

  • The theme

  • The activities and entertainment

  • The food and beverages

Give the task of organizing the event to one of your staff members who loves to throw parties. Alternatively, divide the duties up among those willing to participate. You also can hire professionals to take care of the details — everything from a tent for the party to the food, entertainment and beverages can be bought and serviced through local providers.

Meanwhile, here are a few tips about how to create an amazing and successful holiday office party. Happy holidays from your friends at Hendersonville Tents Party and Event Rentals!

Picking the Time and Date

Outside of work, your employees are busy running a full-time life. Whether that means family time or time for themselves, you have to be sensitive when picking an appropriate time and date for your office party. Make sure it’s not too late in the evening and that it doesn’t run too long. A two-to-three-hour window is appropriate for parties held in the late afternoon.

Choosing a Location

Your event could take place inside your office or at an outdoor gathering spot. Even in chilly weather, you can hold a fantastic outdoor party under a tent. In the case of a holiday office party, Henderson Tents offers two choices of packages for parties — and both have a variety of different options. This time of year, take a look (flyers reprinted below) at the holiday specials Hendersonville Tents offers.

What about the Theme?

Get input from your employees on the theme of your party. Participation in the planning creates a successful holiday office party and makes everyone feel appreciated. If there’s diversity in your office, though, stay away from religious-specific holiday themes. Instead, stick to winter themes or generic holiday themes.

Planning Activities and Entertainment

Plan to have a few games and activities to bring smiles to the faces of your participants. Simple ice-breaker activities invite people to get to know each other better. Plan fun holiday-themed games such as snowman-building contests (if there’s snow), pie-eating contests or secret Santa giveaways. Invest in a comedian for entertainment or bring in a karaoke machine.

Don’t Forget the Food and Drinks!

Keeping up with the holiday theme, make sure the food and beverages are also up to par. Hot foods will satisfy everyone, but you can include anything from candy apples to pies, popcorn balls, themed baked goods and chocolate treats. Drinks also have a wide spectrum — hot apple cider, hot cocoa and coffee will all hit the spot and complement your food choices.

Send Them Home Happy

Make sure your employees and guests arrive home safely by providing “sleighs” in the form of taxis or designated drivers, especially if you serve alcohol. Send guests home with a thank-you from the business for their loyalty throughout the year. A special holiday party can go a long way in promoting goodwill among your staff and even your customers.

Hendersonville Tents is a family-owned and operated company. 2016 marks the 32nd anniversary of providing tents, tables, chairs, dance floors, pipe and drapes, tableware, games, specialty lighting, PA systems… everything you need to host a memorable outdoor event. Hendersonville Tents provides a personal touch to your party. Whatever your needs, Hendersonville Tents has got you covered.

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