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Unique Wedding Invitation Ideas

The big wedding season is rapidly approaching and you may be planning a wedding yourself. You’ll be happy (and maybe even a little surprised) to know that there are a lot of new trends for wedding invitations. Rather than sticking with the traditional, if you prefer, you now have the option of letting loose with your creativity and imagination.

Many invitations these days have a much more personal touch than those you may have seen in the past. A lot of work goes into these wedding invitations, because they are created with your own unique experiences in mind. Here's a collection of some of the most inventive wedding invitations out there.

Join us in 3D

If you want to plan a surprise wedding, conceal your wedding invitation within the text of an invite to another type of party. Send out the invite along with a pair of 3D glasses that you can buy in bulk through a number of online party sites.

When your guests open the envelope, it reveals a party invitation. But when they put on the 3D glasses, the wedding invitation magically appears. Guests don't know about the double celebration until the secret message is revealed by the glasses.

Traveling Love Story

Create a wedding invitation that conveys the roads you’ve traveled on the way to the altar. The invitation conveys both your love of travel, as well as the paths that each of you have taken to wind up at this point together.

The wedding invitation itself may reveal a map of the world and pictures of significant milestones that each of you passed along the way to your eventual union. It may include a collage of places you’ve visited together. A travelogue also can contain your wish-list of places you want to see (hint-hint for wedding gifts).

Check out this View Master

This wedding invitation doesn't involve a printed message at all, other than an RSVP card. You can collect your memories of your relationship in photos and have them all put onto a View Master card through a specialty photo dealer.

Supply guests with a cheap, kids’ View Master in a cute box. Then, instead of the printed words, your wedding info is conveyed through pictures that each guest views through the View Master they receive in the mail.

Love for Foodies

For foodies in love, and preparing to tie the knot, there's a perfect wedding invitation for you too. This one comes in the form of a "recipe" for your wedding printed on a cutting board. All of the ingredients — the date, the location, the time, are on the cutting board. It’s an invitation and a functional souvenir of the event for each guest to keep.

Make RSVP cards to match in the shape of a chef’s hat or apron. Add to the fun by asking for meal choices in a menu-styled RSVP card so guests can choose from a variety of meals (such as vegetarian or meat).

Canned Invitation

If you want your wedding invitation to be remembered, can it. Put a simple printed paper invitation inside an aluminum can and send one to each of your guests. What makes it memorable are your instructions to save the can to attach to the wedding getaway vehicle after the celebration.

It's recycling, practical and fun all rolled into one. Attach the string ahead of time or plan to pass out the strings during the reception in another fun way. Make them party favors on the tables or set them in a toy convertible near the door through which you plan to leave.

Reuse Me

If you‘re environmentally- minded, a wedding invitation you can use again and again is a great idea. Your wedding details and a map to the venue can be printed on a plain white cloth handkerchief and sent to each of your guests in a recycled and recyclable envelope.

Carry the theme all the way through and allow guests to check the RSVP box on the cloth and send it back; then use it as the placement holder at the dinner table. Everyone will have a keepsake that can be used and re-used, and Mother Earth will thank you for it.

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