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Tips for Choosing the Big Date

Choosing the perfect wedding date involves many steps with just as many different people putting in their two cents. And sometimes the advice and challenges seem only to get bigger and bigger as the date approaches. Everyone has advice, but ultimately, every choice is up to you and your beloved. Pick a date as soon as you two can decide – then stick to it.

Pick a date that’s far enough in the future to give you enough time to organize everything, while still meeting all your expectations. Your joyous occasion has a lot to offer and nearly limitless possibilities. The date should simply complement your love, not become a source of contention in an otherwise happy union.

Seasons and Weather

Something to consider while planning a perfect wedding date is the time of the year. Do you want a wedding in the summer? In the winter? If you live in a rainy climate and you’re planning an outdoor wedding under a tent, be prepared for inclement weather.

On a sunny wedding day, you’ll need to supply canopies or umbrellas to accommodate your guests. On a snowy day, setting up warming fires around the event (but never near your tents!) can add a cozier feel to the atmosphere. If you picked out a forest or campsite area, make accommodations for unwelcome guests like bugs by placing bug repellent around the tent.

Popular Competition to Consider

Don’t pick a wedding date that’s too near a holiday or other family event. Don’t make your friends and family members choose between your wedding and the annual July 4 bash, for example. Most weddings take place in June, September and October because those early summer and fall dates create the perfect climate to host a wedding so keep in mind that you may be bumping up against another couple’s vows.

And if you do plan to marry in one of the popular months, remember that the venues you’re considering may raise their prices during those times. If you’re on a tight budget, that may be another good reason to choose a date in the off-season.

Holidays Might Work

It’s possible you’ll consider a wedding date on a popular holiday such as Valentine’s Day or Easter. Holiday weddings can help you focus on a theme. However, again consider your guests. Holidays can impact your guests’ travel because it’s often a hectic time and impossible to get good rates. At the same time, many people get holidays off work, so they won’t have to ask for extra days to attend your wedding, especially if they’re from out of town.

Another idea is to plan your wedding date in the same month as the holiday. That way, you still get to borrow its theme, but you avoid all the other conflicts, like church or family plans.

Decorations and Theme to Befit a Bride

If you want to incorporate extravagant floral decorations, planning a date during a winter month such as January probably isn’t the best idea, unless your idea of extravagant floral decorations involves only poinsettias. If you start your wedding date planning by picking a theme, you actually may limit the number of date options.

At the same time, including the time of year into the theme adds to an already extra special wedding. For beach-themed weddings, an early summer date suits the theme and place. For wedding themes with dark blue and green colors, a cooler time of year is more appropriate.

Choosing the wedding date doesn’t have to put you in a tizzy or add to your anxiety. When you put it all together using these tips, visit the friendly team at Hendersonville Tents. They’re ready to help in any way to create the perfect ambiance, no matter when you tie that love knot.

Hendersonville Tents is a family-owned and operated company. 2017 marks the 33nd anniversary of providing tents, tables, chairs, dance floors, pipe and drapes, tableware, games, specialty lighting, PA systems… everything you need to host a memorable outdoor event. Hendersonville Tents provides a personal touch to your party. Whatever your needs, Hendersonville Tents has got you covered.

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