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Perfect Game for your Summer Event

Hendersonville Tents now has games for the entire family! Rent one of our fun outdoor games to make everyone happy. Perfect for birthday parties and summer events like a BBQ or family gathering, these games are easy to transport, set up and take down.

Since the weather in Upstate South Carolina, Western North Carolina and eastern Tennessee is so gorgeous during the summer, you know you want to be outdoors. Take advantage of our climate for your next event. You can rent a tent at the same time or just pick up the games for the kids. We offer:

  • The Big Splash: A game for all ages. Stand back and aim for the target that will dump a bucket of water on Sis or Uncle Jake or whoever you can persuade to sit in the chair. Try this game at your next company outing or sales event, too.

  • Furious Fowl: For younger children. Use the foot-activated lever to launch toy birds at one of three holes in the target. It’s so much fun, the kids will forget to keep score.

  • Gator Gulp: For young children. Mr. Gator’s hungry, so small children can toss him little stuffed frogs and turtles using a special plastic scoop. Don’t get too close! With the aid of a babysitter, the frogs and turtles keep coming back, delighting small children for hours.

Call us at 828-693-1800 or 828-252-7969, and we’ll tell you all about the games available.

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