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10 Things People Forget

At Hendersonville Tents, we ask a series of questions to help you sort out all the important details. But sure as the sun shines on Swannanoa in the summer, we know that someone somewhere will forget something. Our decades of experience in party tent rentals and event planning allow us to share these tips to avoid some of the most common steps that people forget, such as....

  • Hiring extra staff. Whether you’re planning a big tent sale for your business or throwing your graduate the celebration of a lifetime, get the help you need before, during and after the event. Make sure you have enough parking attendants, servers, sales people, clean-up crews and security.

  • Checking for schedule conflicts. There’s nothing worse than planning a huge tent sale when the biggest art festival of the year is going on elsewhere. Check holidays and happenings so you don’t throw a welcome home party for your beloved soldier on the same day as hunting season opens.

  • Making sure vendors appear. Many vendors — from bands and DJs to caterers and masters of ceremony — won’t show up at an event until they’ve received your deposit. Don’t delay.

  • Sending accurate invitations. Cross your T’s and dot those I’s. Without any proofreading, you might forget to put the directions, phone number or RSVP details on your invitations.

  • Giving yourself time. Too many people wait until the last minute to plan an event. Waiting too long can lead to a host of complications. Start early and create a To-Do list.

  • Bringing important documents. Just as newlyweds need a wedding license, businesses need a permit for a tent sale. Arrange to have the right paperwork at your event.

  • Feeding the vendors. Many hosts inadvertently forget to add the band, DJ, videographer, parking lot attendants and other helpers to the list for the caterer. Most caterers will include those people for half price, so be kind to those working during your festivities.

  • Stocking for emergencies. You don’t expect the best man to faint during the ceremony or the groom’s mother to sprain her ankle while dancing. It’s better to have a stocked first-aid kit on hand and not need it.

  • Sticking to the budget. Keep your overall budget in mind when planning. You will be tempted to add guest gifts, extra desserts or helium balloons that you hadn’t anticipated. Be firm.

  • Eating something. As the host, you most likely will be running around checking preparations, chatting up the guests and keeping everything on track. Eat a healthy breakfast that day. Then snack during the event to maintain your energy and avoid blood sugar drops.

After all the planning, you want to enjoy your event as much as your guests do. At Hendersonville Tents, we’ll make that desire a reality. Contact us for more lists of things you absolutely can’t forget before your big day.

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