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How to Draw Attention to Your Grand Opening

A grand opening introduces your business to the community and to your future patrons. It should be fun, energizing and enticing. To get the most out of your grand opening, spend time planning to secure the most effective date, plan the special events you’ll offer and give yourself enough time to advertise properly.

The future success of your business often is at stake, so use your planning time effectively. Hendersonville Tents specializes in helping you grab the attention of the public with colorful tents that stand out from the surrounding traffic. Listed below are a few other tips to draw the attention you want and your business deserves:

  • Give something away. Hold a raffle for the first hundred visitors. Hand out swag such as pens, ball caps or T-shirts with your company name and logo emblazoned on them. Give coupons good for the week ahead. Use a sound system, like the ones supplied by Hendersonville Tents, to announce contest winners and attract visitors to your tent.

  • Create a buzz with entertainment. Hendersonville Tents can supply a small stage for a band or rotating acts. Entertain the kids with magicians and storytellers. Diversify your entertainment by first bringing on a solo guitar player and ending the day with a complete rock and roll band.

  • Feed your guests. Nothing draws in visitors like free food. Set up a small buffet for a couple hours at breakfast and another one at lunch. Grill hot dogs and hand them out to guests as they arrive — the aroma will serve as another attraction. Rent a popcorn machine and keep the kernels popping as you hand out treats to kids and adults alike. Complement your snacks with coffee in the winter and soft drinks when it’s warm.

  • Create a diversion. Dress up one or more of your employees and place them at strategic points where heavy traffic flows. Give them big arrows and signs that direct passersby to the big tent.

  • Put up multiple tents, if your lot allows. If one tent draws a lot of people, two tents will attract even more. Multiple tents give your grand opening an even bigger footprint.

  • Bring in a celebrity, and alert the local media about the appearance the week before your grand opening. If it’s a slow news week, you might get some free publicity or even a visit from a reporter to cover the event.

  • Support a cause. While your ultimate goal may be to attract paying customers, you can generate goodwill by aligning your business with a local charity. You will attract community members who support the cause and appreciate your generosity. If the charity advertises your event, you also can get more traction in pre-event publicity.

You can rely on Hendersonville Tents to get you set up in time for your opening with all the accessories you need for your event to succeed. If your grand opening becomes a big event that everyone remembers, it will add to your business’s legacy as it grows into a community fixture.

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