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Latest Bridesmaids Styles

The bride is supposed to be wearing the best-looking dress of the wedding party. But that doesn’t mean bridesmaids need to look dowdy, out-of-date or — heaven forbid — ugly. A spring or summer outdoor wedding under a tent in Western North Carolina calls for beauty at every turn. That goes for the bridesmaids too. Their dresses should complement the bride, while adding style and beauty to the celebration.

The latest styles for 2014 strive for just that. Some of the latest bridesmaids’ options are truly stunning and just demure enough to ensure the bride still holds center stage.

Peek-A-Boo with Lace

Lace accents are both trendy and traditional on runways in 2014. Mountain gals and their attendants can play off the popular fabric in a wide range of options. Lace overlays matching the color of the bridesmaids’ dresses create a stunning complement to the lace worn by the bride. If you want to tone it down and create a style that any attendant would love to wear again, add lace to the collar or around the bodice. Lace sleeves are perfect for a warm summer wedding, too.

Asheville wedding

Asymmetrical Drama

Just as asymmetrical haircuts have moved back onto the runways for the 2014 bridal shows, so hemlines, shoulders and bodices in varying lengths and cuts have made a dramatic appearance on bridesmaids dresses. The one-shoulder look makes bridesmaids into classy attendants, giving the wedding party a very 21st century feel, especially when the bride’s flowing gown also features an off-the-shoulder design. Staggered hemlines also are popular choices for brides who want their attendants to move into modern society with sass and flair.

Black Class

Many of your guests are going to be clad in traditional black dresses, so why not allow your bridesmaids to don the chic color as well? Black is not just for funerals anymore. In fact, black is one of the most popular colors on the New York bridal runways in 2014. Long, flowing black gowns provide the perfect complement to the bride’s traditional white. Add a pop of color to the bouquets the attendants carry or add a pastel sash to warm the look. If you’re not quite ready to go so bold as black, dark navy or plum also will give you that sharp, distinguished touch.

Mix It Up

Remember that it’s your big day and you can change, follow or combine rules at your whim. A recent popular theme is when a bride gives her bridesmaids choices, allowing them all to wear different lengths, cuts and styles. Provide your attendants with a color palette from which to choose and let them surprise you with a glorious mix of creativity and style. Classy, sassy variations on a theme show your guests that you have the best friends in the world: ladies who shine just as well on their own as when they stand in your shadow.

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