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Advantages of a Winter Wedding

If you want to stand out from the crowd that fills the churches, halls and hillsides during the summer months — when most brides prefer to get married — consider stepping out and having a winter wedding. While there may be a few downsides to getting married in the winter, the benefits far outweigh the disadvantages, especially in Western North Carolina.

It’s even feasible to hold a stunning winter wedding under a tent in the winter if you live in the Asheville/Hendersonville area — unless it snows. Tents are OK if there’s a light dusting going on, but can’t really stand up to the weight of a heavy, wet snow. But……

Consider the Possibilities

  • Reception halls and churches are much less in demand for winter weddings, so chances are you can book the event site you have your heart set on.

  • Rates often are cheaper during the winter for party rentals, as well as space fees.

  • Fewer people may be able to attend, so you can keep your guest-count low.

  • Imagine the beautiful pictures you can take if it snows outside.

  • The options for dresses and accessories are breathtaking and can include fur-lined shawls, velvet dresses and fur capes.

  • Decoration options abound as you can tap into winter holiday themes and tie them into your wedding décor.

  • Leave the service in a horse-drawn carriage covered in a woolen blanket with your new spouse.

  • Experience your toasts in front of a roaring fire.

  • Book the hottest photographer during the winter when he is much less likely to be in demand.

  • You rarely have to worry about conflicts with another wedding.

  • Forget about tan lines and how they could mess up your look.

Get Over a Few Obstacles

  • A blizzard could put a big damper on your turn-out — but then again, a hurricane in the fall or staggering heat in the summer could just as easily trash your big day.

  • You may have fewer guests, because many people don’t like to travel in the winter.

  • Flowers may be harder to come by and more expensive (but holly and greenery make a fine substitute).

  • Airline tickets to tropical destinations are higher in the winter (so consider a honeymoon at a cozy ski lodge instead).

  • Competition can get dicey around the holidays (schedule for January or February to give people an excuse to party after the holidays are over).

  • Finding elegant warm dresses and coats for the bride and bridesmaids may be a challenge (look for fur and velvet to create glamour).

You will remember your winter wedding, and the event will stand out in your guests’ minds as well. And if you want to erect a tent to hold the service outdoors to take advantage of the marvelous Blue Ridge Mountain vistas, Hendersonville Tents can supply heaters to keep you and your guests comfortable.

We’re not as busy in the winter and would love to show you the options that are available. But no matter where you decide to hold your winter wedding, Hendersonville Tents wishes you happiness in your new life for years to come. Nothing beats a good union and the joys of bringing family together for a beautiful wedding ceremony.

A fur wrap and a warm hug make a winter wedding worth waiting for.

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