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Valentine’s Day Wedding Themes

You don’t have to get married on Valentine’s Day — which falls on a Saturday in 2015, by the way — to have a Valentine’s Day wedding. A Valentine’s Day wedding theme might even make yours the most romantic wedding of the season. Even if you’re not getting married in February, you still can choose to highlight the holiday as part of your event planning. It’s easy to do and makes the whole event more fun.

It’s the Little Things…

Think about how you began your romance. You met, and on your first date, he bought you flowers. When he changed his Facebook status, you knew it was for real. Your wedding should reflect all the little ways you love each other. Plan for little pleasant surprises throughout the day. For example:

  • How about wedding invitations that resemble those Valentine’s Day cards you used to send as kids? They’re immediately fun and irresistible.

  • Get your guests to write down their “first dance” songs on their RSVP cards, and then make sure your DJ or band includes some of them throughout the night.

  • Decorating with a red and pink color scheme will put everyone in the romantic mood.

  • Everyone has romantic memories. In the guest book, encourage your guests to write down their favorite romantic times.

  • Place heart-shaped chocolates on each plate. It’s an unexpected gift to your guests that will delight them.

  • Getting married outside is romantic to some, a nuisance to others. But having your reception outdoors under a great tent is always nothing short of amazing.

  • Does a certain food figure into your story? Serve it at your reception! Make sure you tell your guests about its significance.

  • Create a photobook or display with pictures you took during your courtship. Everyone will spend time looking through it.

  • To start a honeymoon fund (or to collect for a charity), sell or raffle off kisses to the bride or groom. If that’s too much for you, sell or raffle off dances.

  • Add lounge chairs or sofas with fluffy pillows to the room or in the tent to allow snuggling in between dancing sets. They’re so much more comfortable than even the best folding chairs.

  • Place a large bowl or jar on the main table and give every guest one or more blank Valentine’s Day cards to write on. Have them put their Valentine’s into the bowl or jar. Signing them is optional.

  • Everyone probably knows how you two met and where you got engaged, but do they know the story of how you fell in love? Tell them that story in between the other speeches.

Remember, Your Wedding Is About YOU

Choose your favorite flowers — the ones that mean something to you. Extend that sentiment to your attire. If you find formal wear uncomfortable and unflattering, wear something more casually romantic. If you think a tux is the height of romance, dress to the nines with red and pink accents. Whatever you decide, make sure you let your guests know your preference.

Every couple has individual ideas about what’s romantic. It has to do with your own sensibilities and your own history with romance. Share that with your guests. Make the event about you and your union, and it will be a unique event everyone will remember.

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