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The Best Wedding Flowers

The decision regarding which flowers to have at your wedding is a personal one and reflects so many questions that you could leave you in a tizzy. Do they need to match the décor? Should they complement the corsage and boutonniere of the bride and groom? Do you have a favorite color that you want reflected in the flowers? Experts agree that the only poor decision is to let your future mother-in-law choose your wedding flowers.

Given that choosing your wedding flowers is a very individual decision, there remains some advice that may guide you to a happy outcome. Not all flowers are equal. Not all choices are without problems. Roses have thorns, which could prick an unsuspecting finger. Venus flytraps may not convey the message that your union will be forever joyful. Here are a few tips to help you select the best wedding flowers.

Advice for Choosing Wedding Flowers

  • Make it about you. If there are certain flowers that are special to you, by all means choose them. Let your florist know that they’re special so they can become the centerpiece of each bouquet.

  • Pick the colors first. Instead of shopping for specific flowers, which may limit your selection (and the florist’s creativity), select a color palate you can both agree on. The florist will do the rest.

  • Research your choices. Before you order your flowers, look through pictures, either online or in magazines. Cut out or print the ones you like. Don’t rely on whatever the florist has in stock.

  • Choose local flowers. Shop at a locally owned florist shop for flowers that are grown in your area. You can find local flowers even in the dead of winter, thanks to hothouses. You also can go the extra mile for organically produced flowers.

  • Green highlights. Flowers by themselves are often beautiful, but when you surround them with natural greenery, you can highlight that beauty in a setting that makes the colors pop.

  • Add a personal touch. If you want your wedding flowers to be uniquely about you, find small tokens — such as costume jewelry, knickknacks, souvenirs or whatever — and have the florist add something to each bouquet. Make a game out of finding the trinkets.

  • Go with the classics. When in doubt, you can’t go wrong with wedding bouquets that include roses, peonies, gardenias, tulips, hydrangeas or lilies of the valley. Pick your favorite and let the florist create something truly special for you.

  • Consider your vases. Sometimes, it’s less about the flowers than it is about the vessel that contains them. Make it personal, depending on your interests or history, and don’t be shy about it. This is your day. Is there a wine bottle that’s special to you? Glassware? Lunchboxes?

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