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5 Ideas for a Unique Graduation Party

Beginning in June, you’ll hear about all the graduation parties going on. Many will be outdoor bashes under a tent, while others will take place in the homes of students’ families. But since yours isn’t the usual kind of graduate, you need an extraordinary party to celebrate.

Maybe you may want your graduation party to go viral and create a story that lasts for years. Or maybe you just want to start a buzz that will boost your graduate’s popularity, seal his or her awesome reputation or just take a place in the history books. To pull off a unique graduation party, you need assistance.

Congratulations Are in Order

At Hendersonville Tents Party and Event Rentals, we first want to say, “Congratulations.” You should be proud of your graduate’s accomplishment. You have good reason to celebrate.

We know that a graduation party is just a stepping-stone to greater things. But because we are so committed to excellent parties, we’d like to share a few ideas to thrill your graduate and delight the guests. We hope these ideas inspire you.

1. It’s All About Your Graduate

This is one time when it’s OK to let your graduate be the center of attention. So create a graduation party that’s all about her or him. Here are a few tips to create big laughs and memorable fun:

  • Put the grad’s picture on the invitations (a caricature is truly unique).

  • Place a life-size cut-out of the grad at the entrance to the party.

  • Ask guests to each bring a funny story for a roast.

  • Use the grad’s pictures on everything from the centerpieces to the take-home gift mugs.

  • Play a montage video called “The Life of…”

2. Let Luck Have It

A casino graduation party is a unique way to deal the cards and begin a new journey. Bring in a professional casino crew to set up tables and run the games or set up playing tables and ask friends and family to work as dealers. Hand out chips to guests as they arrive. It will be memorable.

  • Use the grad’s face on a king or queen playing card for invitations.

  • Stock paper goods that look like money everywhere, from the napkins to the toilet paper.

  • Anchor balloons with dice balloon weights.

  • Give prizes to the big winners of the night. Playing cards, poker chip keychains, blinking Las Vegas pins make great party favors too.

  • Hire or get volunteers as Vegas-style cigarette-girls to hand out drinks and snacks.

3. International Arrivals Please

If the grad is planning to travel (or just enjoys the world), consider a graduation party with a travel theme. You don’t have to spend a lot for an actual trip when you bring it all to the party.

  • Send invitations in the form of airline tickets, passports or cruise passes.

  • Have guests pass through “customs” before entering the party.

  • Decorate with maps and globes.

  • Play international music (live or recorded) ranging from Celtic to Caribbean.

  • Give each table a theme from a different country.

4. Bingo Disco

Who doesn’t love bingo? Create cards that use the letters P-A-R-T-Y or stick with stock bingo cards and hand out dobbers to all your guests. Ask an outgoing, funny friend or relative to be the caller, and have a blast for an hour or more.

  • Every time someone yells bingo, ask your DJ to play dance music. Everyone stands up and dances for a minute or two until the music stops.

  • Hand out gag prizes and get a really nice prize for the final cover-the-card game (which then leads to lots of dancing).

  • Hang a disco ball to turn on during the bingo dances.

5. Outdoor Fun

Treat yourself and your friends and family members to an outdoor party by the river or near a lake.

  • Rent a local shelter or set up a tent in a field by the water.

  • Rent or bring boats for skiing or tubing.

  • Alert guests to bring swimsuits.

  • Cook out on a grill.

Invite Hendersonville Tents to Your Party

No matter what kind of party you create, Hendersonville Tents Party and Event Rentals has plenty of supplies to help you pull it off without a hitch. In addition to different tent sizes and styles, you can get tables, linens, dishes, a dance floor, lighting and audio equipment from us. We partner with others to provide any other things you need to make your unique graduation party the hit of the season.

Hendersonville Tents is a family-owned and operated company. 2015 marks our 31st anniversary, providing tents, tables, chairs, pipe and drapes, tableware, games, specialty lighting, PA systems… everything you need to host a memorable outdoor event. Hendersonville Tents supplies a personal touch, no matter what kind of graduation party you want. Whatever your needs, Hendersonville Tents has got you covered.

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