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5 Fun Family Reunion Ideas

Family reunions are all about, well, family. And while every family is different in a myriad of ways, family reunions always seem to be the same sort of boring events with the same people, the same stories, the same music, the same buffet dinner and the same drunk uncles making fools of themselves. When it comes to different family reunion ideas, however, there’s no rule that says you can’t shake things up with something a little different.

So when it’s your turn to plan the next get-together, you can do the same old thing and force your relatives to come out of a sense of obligation. Or you can spice it up so that your relatives are clamoring for a space at the table. Here are five fun concepts to consider when you’re looking for family reunion ideas.

1. Change the Location

Regardless how spread out your family has become, try a new location to hold the event. Some place out of town, in a new setting where the kids can run around and your crazy uncle can’t embarrass the whole family. We suggest holding your reunion outdoors under a big tent, perhaps in a field or on a farm. Set up games for the kids, music for the adults, even dancing. Give everyone something to do, whether it’s croquet, badminton or softball. When you’re outside in the sunshine, people feel more active — and more social.

2. Make Food Easy

Family reunion ideas often center on food choices. Themed parties have themed food. Family members might have allergies to consider. And you undoubtedly have that one aunt who compares the food at every event to her momma’s, God rest her soul. No matter what you serve, it’s never going to be good enough. So make it easy on yourself. Either hire a crew to serve a formal meal that everyone can enjoy or prepare food that guests can slap together whenever the mood strikes them. Make your reunion about the people, not the food.

3. Hire an Interviewer

Families have shared stories that unite a family more than a common last name. Hire a professional writer to interview the older generation to capture their stories for the rest of the family to treasure. What better time to do it than when everyone is together? A professional can entice the best stories out of grandma and record it, either on audio or in video. That’s a parting gift that every family member will cherish. It’s a family reunion idea the family will be buzzing about for years.

4. Hold a Game Show

Test to see how well the family knows its own history. If you’re into genealogy, which is popular today, you can find all kinds of historical connections that might not be widely known. Add family trivia to make game show-like questions. Get volunteers from different sides of the family and different ages. Model the game of Jeopardy or Family Feud. Keep it fun, and have prizes for the winners and losers. It will be a treat for everyone, and they’ll all learn something.

5. Create Giveaways

Everyone likes gifts, so bring some fun giveaways to your next family reunion. If you’re ambitious, you can write down a family history (real or not) and give that away. But easier and more fun ideas include:

  • Etched glass jars or glasses

  • Recipe booklets with the “secret family recipes”

  • Family crests (again, real or imagined)

  • Personalized nametags

  • A professional photo-book of the event

  • Video of the event

  • Fake stock certificates for the family gold

  • Monopoly or Trivial Pursuit games of family facts

  • Can or bottle cozies

  • Calendars

  • Paddle fans

Enjoy the time you spend with family. It’s the new family reunion ideas that keep everyone excited about the annual get-together. And while you’re reuniting with your relatives, you can engage the next generation to continue the practice.

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