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7 Unique Flower Ideas for Your Wedding

Some couples insist on a traditional wedding with tried-and-true accoutrements. They want to have the classic church, the bride in white lace and the wedding flowers big, colorful and in their proper place. This article is not for these people.

If you like to get creative and flaunt your imagination — not to show off, but to have fun — then your wedding, your Big Day of big days, should reflect that spirit. Plan a wedding you’ll remember for decades to come, one your guests will still be talking about on your 50th anniversary. Whatever you decide — a themed wedding, an exotic location, an outdoor affair or whatever — don’t forget to do something special with your wedding flowers.

Fun with Your Wedding Flowers

Hendersonville Tents Party & Event Rentals can help you with the tent and party accessories, but not with the flowers. For that, they often recommend Flowers by Larry, a Hendersonville shop that can deliver these wedding flower ideas and more. They can do traditional, but they really sparkle with unique arrangements.

But to surprise your guests (and yourselves), you’ve got to think outside the boxwood. Here are some creative ways to use wedding flowers at your happy event:

1. For the nature-lovers among you, string flowers from the ceiling of your hall or wedding tent. While hanging garlands can create a magical forest feeling, try weaving flowers, tinsel and colored ribbon in the garlands for a wow-factor effect.

2. If you don’t want hanging garlands (see #1 above), you can still create a dreamlike setting by hanging floral balls from the ceiling. Staggering the sizes, colors and heights of these ethereal bulbs will put everyone in the mood for magic.

3. While wedding arbors have gained popularity in recent years — and you can get pretty inspired decorating one — another idea is a floral backdrop to your ceremony. Whether you take your vows in a church, a hall, a tent or outdoors, creating a wall of flowers creates a special environment.

4. Here’s something for good luck: a flower fountain. Asians believe a water feature brings good fortune. (You’ll never find a Chinese restaurant, for example, without a fish tank or waterfall.) Bring the same sensibility to your wedding while finding a creative use for a floral arrangement.

5. Topiaries, either arranged in a row down the aisle or scattered throughout the hall or tent, make your wedding party feel like the enchanted celebration you know it to be. Placing your wedding flowers in the topiaries decoratively not only brightens the plants but also delights your guests.

6. If you have access to water — a swimming pool or a pond, for example — you can create floating islands of floral bouquets that inspire feelings of love. If you aren’t getting married next to a pool, consider wide bowls with floating flowers for centerpieces.

7. Flowers come in all colors, don’t they? Why not create a rainbow of flowers, across the head table, around the dance floor or in front of your wedding stage? It’s a creative use for wedding flowers that everyone will appreciate.

Hendersonville Tents Party and Event Rentals is a family-owned and operated business providing tents, tables, chairs, dance floors, pipe and drapes, tableware, games, specialty lighting, PA systems… everything you need to host a memorable outdoor event. Whatever your needs, Hendersonville Tents has got you covered.


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