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Keeping the Kids Entertained

Whether you’re planning a family reunion with lots of children or throwing a big wedding reception that may have at least a few kids, you should consider setting up activities for those younger guests. When kids at events get bored, they usually react in a number of predictable ways. They will:

  • Horse around

  • Cry or nag

  • Pick on each other

  • Generally annoy the adults any way they can

It’s what kids do. And parents who blame kids for being kids should be sent to their rooms.

Kids at Events Mean Opportunities for Fun

Instead of expecting miracles (or waiting for a disaster), take steps to keep kids at events entertained. If you’re outdoors under a tent, allow them to use a nearby park or playground. But if that’s not an option, talk to your team at Hendersonville Tents about renting one of their children’s games.

And when the weather warms up, don’t be surprised if the adults have as much fun in the sun as the kids do. Explore your options to give your guests a party they won’t soon forget:

  • The Big Splash is a game for all ages. After setting up the target dump, you can include everyone in the fun. Stand back and aim for a target that dumps a bucket of water on Sis or Uncle Jake or anyone you can persuade to sit in the chair. This game may not be the best option if your guests are in formal wear, but it’s a blast at informal events like family reunions.

  • Furious Fowl is best suited for younger kids at events. You use a foot-activated lever to launch toy birds at one of three holes in the target. Rather than begging to go home, your younger guests will be begging to stay. Parents and guardians will be most grateful for the distraction so they can enjoy your event.

  • Gator Gulp is another game that aims to keep younger kids at events happy and occupied. Children throw small stuffed frogs and turtles through a target hole decorated as a hungry gator. With the aid of a babysitter, the frogs and turtles keep coming back, delighting small children for hours.

  • The Selfie Booth has turned into a winner for both kids at events and the adults who bring them. You can rent a Selfie Booth from Hendersonville Tents even when you don’t need a tent. You’ll not only keep the kids occupied, but provide a means to capture the glorious fun everyone had at your party.

One Call Does It All

“We’ve got you covered” is our motto, and we mean it in more ways than one. At Hendersonville Tents Party and Event Rentals, we can cover most outdoor events with the perfect size tent to keep your guests out of the sun or rain. And we’ve got you covered when it comes to the accessories and accoutrements that make a great party.

So when you expect kids at your event, let us know. We’re happy to show you our full line of games and activities, in addition to all the chairs and tables you might need. The kids will love you, the parents will appreciate your thoughtfulness and your event will be at the top of everyone’s list.

Hendersonville Tents Party and Event Rentals is a family-owned and operated business providing tents, tables, chairs, dance floors, pipe and drapes, tableware, games, specialty lighting, PA systems… everything you need to host a memorable outdoor event. Whatever your needs, Hendersonville Tents has got you covered.

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