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Spring 2016 Wedding Color Trends

Choosing a color theme for your wedding can be one of the most frustrating tasks you have to endure. You’ve already picked the date, hired the minister and reserved your tents. Now it’s time to get into the details. And everyone, from your maids of honor to the florist and caterer are going to want to know what colors you choose to be surrounded by on your big day.

Wedding color trends don’t have to strangle your choices, but they can serve as gentle guides. Trends become trends because they already are pretty cool. Ideas can flow more freely sometimes when you rely on the latest wedding color trends as a place to start. You might even get your biggest “aha” moment by looking through websites and color charts for the latest wedding color trends.

OK Classics

Some wedding color trends never go out of style with the fashionistas and trendsetters. Instead of being “trendy,” they hold the title “classic.” For example, black and white have long represented the go-to color scheme for classic weddings. If you’re having a traditional church wedding, the formal black and white themes ring true.

But even when you go traditional, you still can play with the accent colors in your ribbons, flowers, decorations and bridesmaids’ dresses. And this is where the 2016 wedding color trends might come in handy. Not only will you be considered hip and cutting edge, you won’t have trouble finding accessories in the current trendy hues.

It’s a Pantone Kind of Day

Pantone LLC is recognized as the ultimate color authority throughout the world. They cover everything from fashion and fabrics to paints and crayons. The Pantone Color Institute gives us color trend forecasting and product palette development so designers, wedding coordinators and artists can keep up with the latest wedding color trends to fulfill your dreams.

“When 80% of human experience is filtered through the eyes, we understand that the choice of color is critical.” —Pantone Color Institute

With that in mind, here are a few favorites from the spring 2016 wedding color trends, courtesy of Pantone:

  • Rose Quartz: a revision of classic pink that ensures your theme is rosy and upbeat. Rose Quartz is soothing and naturally quiet, a classic color with a twist that conveys calm composure.

  • Peach Echo: a lighter shade of orange that suggests friendliness, accessibility and warmth. Peach Echo brings a romantic touch to your classic paint palette.

  • Serenity: a light blue that delivers peace to the pastel palette in 2016. Just as its name suggests, Serenity can leave you and your guests feeling comfortable in their roles for the day.

  • Snorkel Blue: inspired by maritime influences, this is a deeper blue that leans toward navy, but a bit more upbeat. Snorkel Blue goes with last year’s chocolate brown colors and rustic themes.

  • Buttercup: another in the 2016 palette of wedding color trends that suggest happier and carefree days ahead. It’s soft and muted, and it pairs well with classic purple accents.

  • Limpet Shell: a clear shade of blue that’s like a crisper, modern version of aqua. It brings back suggestions of retro wedding color trends and happy feet.

  • Lilac Gray: classic and understated, the gray tones pair beautifully with purple wedding colors and often are easy for the men in your wedding party to get behind.

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