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Footwear Trends for Brides and Grooms

Every other aspect of your wedding has been planned down to the smallest detail, from the crumbs on your cake to the hashtags on your posts. The top of your head will get a day at the hair salon (or a private visit from your hairdresser). The dress is gorgeous and undergoing final alterations. But don’t forget about the tips of your toes. You need more than just the pedicure you got on the girls’ day out.

Shoes for brides — and even shoes for men — take you one more glorious step closer to making your wedding a dream come true. You make conscious decisions about every other aspect of your wedding. Kick it up with some of the latest trends in wedding footwear. Or be brave and rely on your own sense of style to cover (or uncover) your feet for walking down the aisle and dancing through the reception.

Shoes for Grooms

Most grooms are limited in the personal touches they can add to their wedding attire, so allow your beau to choose his shoes. Then guide the rest of his party to follow suit. Consider a few 2016 trends in shoes for grooms:

  • Brushed leather or velvet loafers add a touch of class and uniqueness to an otherwise traditional suit. Some loafers provide functional features like buckles that make the shoes for grooms palatable to wear after the wedding is a distant memory.

  • Sneakers have made wide inroads on the wedding fashion scene and for good reason. For many young grooms, nothing says “me” like a new pair of sneakers. To meet the demand, shoes for grooms in the comfy corner of sneakerdom come in a wide range of colors and styles, such as black leather, that won’t leave you blushing more than a young bride should.

  • Just as brides continue to wear flowing white dresses on their wedding days, many men want to continue the tradition of going formal all the way. Let him use the opportunity to visit a real shoemaker and get a pair of custom-made dress shoes for the occasion. Custom shoes for grooms never go out of style.

Shoes for Brides

As with most things fashion, women have so many more options in footwear. The strappy sandals, four-inch heels and white satin pumps will be around as long as traditional brides exist. And many of the old standbys can deliver comfort with high fashion. But if you want to step out a bit, you too have footwear options:

  • Two-for-one options are high on many modern brides’ lists. One pair of shoes for brides designed for walking down the aisle and presenting your silhouette in perfect proportion for your wedding photos. And the second comfy pair designed to let you hug every neck at your reception and lead the conga line in pure foot freedom.

  • Your budget may drive your choices for wedding footwear, but you can extend your dollars if you stick with off-the-rack patent leather, sandals or ballet slippers. These choices are totally suitable for wear long after your wedding day. Cloth-covered shoes for brides that perfectly match your dress or accents are no longer necessary for today’s modern bride.

  • One of the most popular trends in shoes for brides involves no shoes at all. The barefoot bride. Certainly if you’re on the beach, it makes a lot of sense, but even if you’re in a hall, under a tent or at church, imagine the sweet wholeness and wonderful feel of walking down the aisle on a soft runner, barefoot, feeling every step into your new life.

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