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5 Unique Outdoor Wedding Ideas for the Mountains

Chimney Rock Park Wedding

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If you’re thinking of getting married in the mountains of Western North Carolina or Upstate South Carolina, take advantage of the unique Appalachian landscape. Plan for an outdoor wedding, where the scenic background creates unbelievably beautiful photo opportunities. Whether you decide to hold your ceremony atop a mountain peak or by a cool, flowing waterfall, your wedding surely will be special. To help you come up with some new wedding ideas that are truly unique, count on Hendersonville Tents Party and Event Rentals. After all, the mountains have served as host for weddings since the 18th century. Follow these wedding ideas and your mountain ceremony surely will stand out as one of the most memorable.

1. Western-Themed Barn Wedding

Barn weddings in rural WNC or the Upstate have been popular for several years now, so as wedding ideas go, it’s not very unique. But you can make it your own with a Western theme. Everyone wears cowboy outfits. But don’t stop there: give everyone a role to play.

The father of the bride carries a shotgun. The best man becomes the sheriff. The maid of honor owns the saloon. The ushers and bridesmaids work in the saloon (as dancers, waitresses or waiters, bartenders and the piano player). Appoint the justice of the peace to be the mayor and judge. The rest of the guests get to be cattlemen or pioneer families or whatever! How much fun is that?

2. Woodstock at a Ski Resort

Using an off-season ski resort as the location of your wedding is pretty unique, but here’s an idea that takes it one step further: a sixties-themed wedding. In the midst of the mountain majesty, you and your guests can play up the hippy-dippy- trippy sixties with costumes, music and food of the period. It may even be more fun to sprinkle your vows with some slang like “groovy” and “outta sight.” You can still dress up if you want. Just add a few touches here and there to hearken back to the Flower Power days gone by. And of course, you’ll want to splurge on the flowers. They should be everywhere. Between the costumes and the scenery, you’ll swear you went back in time.

3. Hiking Boots at Chimney Rock

Every woman dreams of that magical wedding. There are few things more magical than the view from on top of Chimney Rock. It’s got 75-mile views on a clear day. It’s got the makings for a magical moment. And it takes a hike to get to the top. So dress up to the hilt, but tell your guests to wear their most comfortable hiking boots. It’s OK; you can still dance it them (or take them off later). And remember: taking the elevator is cheating.

4. A Return to Childhood at a Summer Camp

The mountains are dotted with summer camps for children. Many are still active and draw kids from all over the country. Why should they have all the fun? Plan your wedding during a time when the camp’s empty of kids and fill it up with your guests! It can still be a formal affair, but you’ll be under the sky and stars, far from the city, with only a tent to protect you from the elements. It’s just like being a kid again, and who better to share that feeling with than your partner-for- life. Maybe the camp setting will inspire you to start a Girl Scout or Cub Scout troop of your own.

5. Blue and Gray Farm Wedding

One of the challenges with weddings is that, after the ceremony, you can’t always tell who’s there for the bride and who’s there for the groom. Fix that with a “Blue and Gray” wedding at a rustic farm. The bride’s friends and family all wear gray. The groom’s guests wear blue. Those guests who have trouble picking a side can wear both colors. And you can make the distinction part of the ceremony. After the couple is pronounced “husband and wife,” the bride can give a gray scarf to her groom to wear, and the groom can give the bride a blue belt. That will symbolize the joining of the two clans. This is one of the wedding ideas that will leave lasting memories.

Hendersonville Tents Party and Event Rentals is a family-owned and operated business providing tents, tables, chairs, dance floors, pipe and drapes, tableware, games, specialty lighting, PA systems…everything you need to host a memorable outdoor event. Whatever your needs, Hendersonville Tents has got you covered.

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