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Fourth of July Event Ideas

Fun party ideas just in time for your July 4th events!

Every Independence Day, friends and families throughout the country plan festivities. Sometimes, these July 4th events fit seamlessly into their city’s patriotic parade or fireworks display. Other times, the holiday plans become an end unto themselves.

No matter how you want your party to play out, you need good ideas to make it memorable. Fortunately, Hendersonville Tents Party and Event Rentals can help. Here are some terrific ideas for your July 4th events:

Fun State-Oriented Themes

Encourage your guests to dress up for the occasion. Add festive fun to your event by having your guests don costumes that represent the state that they originally hail from. Hey, we’re all Americans, right? While Tarheel blue is synonymous with North Carolina, let’s see how someone represents California, Delaware or South Carolina.

If you want to extend the state theme, you could hold a state-oriented potluck. Have everyone pick a state to represent with a food from that state. To avoid duplication (not that that’s a bad thing), let people pick any state. What can you come up with? Here are several fun offerings:

  • North Carolina barbecue

  • Maine lobster

  • Texas toast

  • Hawaiian pineapple desert

  • South Carolina peaches

  • Maryland soft-shelled crabs

  • Idaho potato salad

Cooking Competition

When it comes to July 4th events, nothing beats the grill. You can cook barbecue, corn on the cob or hamburgers and hot dogs — it doesn’t matter. Once the grills fire up, your guests will be salivating for whatever you’re making. So why not make a contest out of it? It’s the American way!

Set up two or more grills on different sides of your tent — far enough away from the canopy to avoid any danger — and set up your chef contestants with their ingredients. Whoever attracts the biggest crowd or gets the most votes, wins a prize. Once the cooking gets started, let the flavorful smoke work its magic. And under the tent, where you’ve set the tables and chairs, is the place where all the aromas mingle.

Active Ideas

If you’re holding your party outside under a tent, don't forget to ask Hendersonville Tents for their games for kids. Outdoor games will keep the kids entertained and give adults something to watch besides the food cooking. Of course, you can also make your own games, depending on the age of the children present.

If your guest list includes active adults, you can organize a group hike in the gorgeous mountains in Western North Carolina, Upstate South Carolina and Eastern Tennessee. How cool would it be to lead a rigorous hike that ends at a tent, with all the fixings for a party? That’s a memory in the making!

Final Thoughts

Who doesn’t like movies? Once you’ve got your tent set up, you can lower the sides to create a darkened space for an evening entertainment under the big top. Time it so the movie ends before the fireworks begin. Need a movie suggestion? How about:

  • The Patriot

  • Born on the Fourth of July

  • Independence Day

  • Yankee Doodle Dandy

  • Patriot Games

Or if you want something a little different, turn your party into a full-fledged costume party. Tell everyone dress as an American hero, past or present. Can you imagine the fun? Abraham Lincoln dancing with Betsy Ross? Robert E. Lee tossing the Frisbee around? It could be one of the favorite July 4th events ever!

Hendersonville Tents Party and Event Rentals is a family-owned and operated business providing tents, tables, chairs, dance floors, pipe and drapes, tableware, games, specialty lighting, PA systems…everything you need to host a memorable outdoor event. Whatever your needs, Hendersonville Tents has got you covered.

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