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Bride On a Budget

We have been asked many times for ideas and ways to keep costs to a minimum. Our receptionist, Katie just got married recently and had some fantastic ideas on ways to add unique touches to a wedding without breaking the bank. Here are some of her ideas!

For the day of the ceremony:

  1. Pack some snacks in your makeup or getaway bag and some drinks. Almost every bride will have a weak stomach – or get too busy to eat. Saltines and ginger ale will help calm most nervous stomachs!

  2. Use walkie-talkies the day of the wedding for set up and timing. The bride and her coordinator can keep in touch, without having to run around between the caterers, florist, and the bridal party.

  3. You can create inexpensive boutonnieres and bridesmaid bouquets with whole sale flowers and greenery. With Pinterest you can create almost anything!

  4. Try using everyday items to create special meaning as wedding favors. Katie used ordinary seed packets and attached a note to the bowl of packets saying “Watch Our Love Grow”

  5. If you are getting married in the summer in an outdoor ceremony, put the order of service on heavy or stock paper on a popsicle stick for a make-shift fan!

  6. Another fun idea for an evening summertime wedding, have mason jars labeled “Share in the Light of Our Love”. Cut holes in the lids and encourage guests to capture lightning bugs to use as part of the table setting (releasing the little guys afterwards of course!)

  7. The envelope system for payments the day of the wedding help avoid any confusion. Simply put the amount owed in an envelope and label, then hand off to a trusted person for delivery.

For the Rehearsal Dinner and Reception:

  1. Consider a Potluck Dinner – where everyone brings a favorite dish, and includes the recipe you can put together for a “First Year” cookbook. Imagine the memories these recipes will conjure through the years!

  2. Don’t forget to provide transportation from the ceremony site to the reception – if in another location. This gal did just that, and our first ride as husband and wife were in separate cars!

It is fun to talk to other brides about what went wrong (and right) on our special day, compare notes and stories and a good laugh. My favorite story from my wedding day involves a plastic garden chair, a hill, and a moment sure to have won us $10,000 IF it had only been filmed! You can use your imagination! Almost 20 years later my family still laughs!

The bottom line is plan ahead, let others help you during the process, and ENJOY the day! Don’t be afraid to laugh at yourself, and you will have memories to last a lifetime!

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