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The Maid of Honor’s Role

The big day’s finally arrived — after all that planning — and now you get to enjoy your grand celebration. Every successful wedding, however, needs the accompaniment of a thoughtful, intelligent and reliable family member or friend to serve as the maid of honor. This woman plays a crucial role in the events leading up to and during a wedding.

Before the Wedding

Lots of preparation goes into planning every wedding. The maid of honor helps the bride (and the wedding planner, if there is one) make decisions on everything from the big details, such as what the bride will wear, to smaller ones, like what centerpieces will decorate the reception tables. It’s just a lot easier to make decisions when you have someone you can trust at your side.

No matter how many extras, professionals or nosey family members get involved, the maid of honor’s main duty is to shield the bride from any outside pressure and to ensure that she’s happy with her final choices. These decisions include the following:

The Wedding Dress

The wedding gown stands as a crucial detail that plays perhaps the biggest role in the bride’s happiness — and the maid of honor must accompany her every step of the way. Some brides know exactly what they want, while others take months to decide. No matter what, the maid of honor provides moral support and honest feedback to help the bride make the best decision with no regrets.

Bridesmaid Dresses

Because this choice determines what all the women in the wedding party will wear, the maid of honor’s opinion on the bridesmaid dresses carries a lot of weight in how everyone will look and show off together. The key to choosing these dresses is matching the colors to what the bride has chosen as her theme and making sure the dresses will flatter the other bridesmaids as well.

Bridal Shower

A fun event, the bridal shower is often a casual yet relaxing day (or evening) with the bride and her girlfriends. The maid of honor should plan and act as the hostess for occasion, making sure that the event allows the bride-to- be to remain the center of attention. The maid of honor will ultimately be remembered for the success of this occasion.

The Wedding

The maid of honor needs to be “on call” before and during the celebration to handle any last-minute details. From signing the marital papers as a witness to keeping the bridesmaids in check, the maid of honor has many responsibilities during this day.

Her major responsibilities include:

  1. Time keeping so that the event unfolds as planned

  2. Toasting

  3. Signing the marriage papers as a witness

  4. Acting as hostess to ensure the ceremony runs as smooth as possible

The maid of honor keeps a lot of balls in the air, all with the knowledge that her sole duty is keeping the bride as happy and stress-free as possible. Her intelligence, creative thinking, and problem-solving skills leading up to the wedding and during the big event can ensure an absolute success.

What’s the maid of honor’s role? Critical!

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