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Going Green for your Wedding

Be kind to the earth and your guests with a green party

A party is never a waste of time. But you can waste valuable resources on the accouterments that make a party great. Hendersonville Tents will pick up, store and re-use the tents, tables, chairs and other party essentials, but that leaves you with the rest.

Being kind to the environment as you plan your next event is not only the right thing to do, it will set you apart as the host with the most heart. Guests will appreciate your efforts and Mother Earth will thank you kindly. Try a few of these tips for your next event. Go green!

  1. Invitations

Many different forms of paper-making and printing are surfacing that take on a more eco-friendly feel. If you plan on going traditional by physically sending out mailed invites through the U.S. postal service, invest in some recycled paper or cotton/bamboo based paper.

Lots of different companies offer a wide selection of environmentally safe invitation choices for a greener party. Internet invites, also called e-vites are really common and globally accepted now. You can add graphics and even animation to make them truly the best invitation option for going green.

2. Centerpieces

Using cut flowers for a centerpiece just adds to the trash and wastes beautiful flowers. So instead, fill those spots on your tables with actual potted plants and succulents to add a flourishing fauna-filled touch to the perfect green party.

One caveat, beware of the many pesticides used in commercially potted plants. They can turn your great environmental centerpieces into hazardous waste, so be sure to go with a more organic option – and take them home or let your guests keep them as souvenirs of your party.

There are other alternatives too, such as wooden flowers like in They use wood to create a lasting memory in your bouquet and centerpieces.

3. Decor

Using paper and plastic based decor will just end up being thrown out at the end of the celebration. Resort to recycled, even handmade, decorations. Creating works of art out of old newspaper or books is a very simple project that can impose a lasting impression on your guests.

Instead of using balloons for decoration, (which is very harmful to plants and animals on all levels) use organic flora and fauna or even organic paper garland to string around the venue. Decorate mason jars and place a candle inside to surround the event in gleaming handmade decor creating a warm feeling and glow to the occasion.

4. Food and Catering

Most weddings call for food that has to be flown in from distant places. To account for food in an eco-friendly green party, locally grown food is the best option. Many dishes can be served to fulfill a vegan or vegetarian diet that is just as tasty for non-vegans/vegetarians.

Look into locally farmed chicken to provide the best for your guests at your green party. Local farmers are eager to provide you with everything from bread and cheese to pastries, soups and desserts. Use them to stay green.

5. Drinks

Drinks can also be environmentally friendly. Locally filtered water is just as good as imported mineral water, so using the most of the local industry inadvertently can create a delectable green party!

Setting out dishes of fresh locally grown fruits and veggies such as strawberries, cucumbers, lemons, and limes can also give guests the freedom to add a touch of flavor to the water. And don’t forget about your local brewers and wineries to round out your green offerings.

6. Guest Favors

Instead of wasting materials for wedding favors that will most likely be thrown away, find adorable ideas for sending home a packet of seeds for guests creating a lasting effect from your very own green party.

Make a cute “diy” (do it yourself) plant or tree growing kit so that the guests go home and a create life themselves. Another option is to send guests home with organic treats and coffee beans. Allow guests to take home some of the flora and fauna used at the occasion as well.

Hendersonville Tents Party and Event Rentals is a family-owned and operated business providing tents, tables, chairs, dance floors, pipe and drapes, tableware, games, specialty lighting, PA systems… everything you need to host a memorable outdoor event. Whatever your needs, Hendersonville Tents has got you covered.

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