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A Party for the Party

Now that the election is here, you may want to plan a celebration in honor of the candidate you chose or the election process in general. Presidential elections are important occasions, regardless of your political affiliation. This year, in particular, a party to celebrate democracy might help heal the divide caused by the campaign rhetoric.

Presidential elections are worth celebrating because everyone has the right to vote for anyone they choose. Whether your candidate won or lost, you can still have a party for the party. There are a number of ways to throw a fun and unique party with an election night theme. These are just a few of the variations on the “Party for the Party” theme.

Politically Inviting

Begin your party for the party with politically themed invitations, sent via USPS mail or email. Invite guests to “choose their party” or “choose to party” on election night after they cast their ballots. You can even make the invitations look like ballots so they can check whether they’re attending or not.

Carry the voting theme even further by giving guests the chance to vote on a musical theme song or playlist for their chosen candidate. Since your party will celebrate the election and not just the winner, tell your guests to leave their favorite political T-shirt at home. It’s time to celebrate the democratic practices, not winners and losers.

Election or Political Trivia Based on trivial pursuit, make a game out of questions and answers with political themes. Your party for the party game can include questions about the parties in general, specific candidates, and political history. These questions should be objective, not subjective, and challenging to your crowd. The team that scores the most points wins. Other variations of political games could include pin the tail on the candidate, or team scrabble with a party for the party theme. This would be a good theme for all ages, and you can find out who knows more about democracy and U.S. hisotry: the adults or the kids.

Patriotic Food Your election night party for the party needs lots of food, of course. There are many foods that are considered typically American, so you have quite a few to choose from. Hot dogs, potato salad, deviled eggs and apple pie are just a few. Red white and blue foods are also favorites; everything from blueberry cobbler to cranberry juice and vanilla ice cream fit the bill. Get creative with the names of your dishes, giving your guests the chance to vote on the winning name for each one. Set up the drinks table to look like an old fashioned voting booth with a curtain draped around it. Guests can choose whether they are “liberal,” “conservative” or “independent” drinkers. The drinks themselves could have creative political names as well, such as “two-party martini” or “ballot-box bourbon.”

The Party’s Over When the party’s over, hand out a quick “exit poll” ballot, asking the guests to vote on their favorite food, game, or drink of the evening. On the “ballot,” you can thank the guests for coming and give them a copy of your most patriotic dessert recipe. And if you don’t have enough room inside your home to host this party for the party bash, call on your friends at Hendersonville Tents. The weather in the South usually is temperate enough to hold your party for the party outdoors under a tent. And it’s a great time of year to get in on some specials for the accouterments that make a party grand and memorable.

Call for details on a Basic or Deluxe Office Party package, or the Intimate or Large party packages available for your home.

Hendersonville Tents is a family-owned and operated company. 2016 marks the 32nd anniversary of providing tents, tables, chairs, dance floors, pipe and drapes, tableware, games, specialty lighting, PA systems… everything you need to host a memorable outdoor event. Hendersonville Tents provides a personal touch to your party. Whatever your needs, Hendersonville Tents has got you covered.

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